Psychic Sabra psychic readings by email
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About Psychic Sabra

Psychic Sabra is taking a break from doing readings.
Check back in May to learn about her exciting new project.

Psychic Sabra Jenny with her Pugs       I am Sabra Jenny:  Psychic, spiritual counselor, ordained minister, Reiki Master, writer, musician, photographer, artist, web entrepreneur, pug rescue advocate, organic gardener, cook, friend of Earth and the animals, wife, mother, sister, friend, regular person.

      When I'm not doing psychic readings, I enjoy traveling, spending time with my family and friends, gardening, getting close to nature, and being with my dogs. That's me there in the park with my pugs Pookie, Sadie, Leeloo, and Isabella.

      In my life, I have held many types of jobs, traveled widely and lived in different locations and climates. I have also had to work through health problems and disabilities, marital difficulties, major financial problems, a flood disaster, my child's drug problems, and the suicide of a family member. Although these life experiences have been difficult, they have made me a stronger person and have helped me to better understand other people and their problems.

      Today my focus, through the psychic readings I give, is to help people make sense of things, keep moving forward, and create the lives they want. I look forward to doing a psychic reading for you.